How to Increase Pregnenolone Naturally; Pregnenolone Benefits & Dosage

Pregnenolone supplement

Pregnenolone Benefits -You might be getting curious to know more about the term Pregnenolone which is basically a chemical used to improve schizophrenia symptoms. Due to its multipurpose uses and benefits, the term is quite common among those who know its benefits and dosage.

Pregnenolone is also produced naturally in our bodies directly by the adrenal gland which is basically made from cholesterol. At the same time, it is also used as a starting material in producing various other hormones like cortisol, testosterone, progesterone and oestrogen.

Now, due to the fact that our body uses the chemical named Pregnenolone purely in biochemical form, it is used in the form of a starting material and that’s why also sometimes referred to as pro-hormone or precursor hormone.


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Pregnenolone- An Overview

As we already stated that Pregnenolone is basically a chemical found in our bodies naturally by the adrenal glands, it can also be taken in the form of a medicine as it is also produced in labs.

Most commonly, the hormone is found quite effective in those who are suffering from schizophrenia.

It can easily be taken from mouth and helps fight a plethora of related conditions. For example, the use of this chemical an be used to fight fatigue, memory and energy enhancements. It can also be used to improve mood alterations.

Although, we have outlined so many other uses of this chemical, there is not enough scientific evidences to prove all other uses.


How Pregnenolone Works?

Pregnenolone is a well known chemical having its multiple uses apart from improving the condition of some psychiatric illnesses like schizophrenia. This chemical is credited to produce different types of steroid hormones naturally.

Due to its capacity to affect a number of chemicals produced in the brain, it can also be used to treat certain types of psychiatric illnesses as well.


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Pregnenolone Benefits

Pregnenolone can be a kind of respite for all those suffering from psychometric conditions. Although, the chemical doesn’t treat the entire condition but can help improving some of the negative symptoms of medical conditions like schizophrenia.

Most commonly, it is known to treat a few negative symptoms of schizophrenia like limited speech, feeling of displeasure and lack of emotions.

However, not every research done in this regard agrees to the above findings. But taking it in the form of an add-on therapy is better known to improve some of the negative symptoms as we just stated above.

At the same time, the dosage of pregnenolone doesn’t seem to improve the positive symptoms of the hormone like delusions and hallucinations.

In the same ways, it is also known to be effective for some other medical conditions like depression, arthritis, fatigue, ageing, endometriosis (thickening of the uterus lining) and some other conditions.


Pregnenolone Benefits & Dosage in Dietary Supplements


Pregnenolone supplement


Now, as far as pregnenolone benefits and dosage in the dietary supplement goes, there is no concrete guideline specified by the FDA in this regards. This is because they determine it by studying the particular case only.

If the required amounts of this chemical are found in a dietary supplement, it simply qualifies to be one of its ingredients.

Considering the production of (synthetically or artificially) Pregnenolone, the FDA is known to have a different opinion regarding this altogether. In connection to the above, the FDA has issued a warning to all those pharmacy firms for allegedly compounding with this chemical in an illegal way.


Pregnenolone Uses

By looking at the Pregnenolone in the broader way, the chemical behaves as an anti-ageing chemical. It’s also known to have used in treating many other medical conditions as well.

Due to the fact that Pregnenolone is known to be the chemical responsible to produce a number of other hormones in the body, it can be used to make people younger and also to make them feel energetic as well. However, there is no concrete evidence to prove the above.


How to Increase Pregnenolone Naturally

In the normal circumstances, there are so many vital changes that do happen in the body due to the secretion of a number of chemicals in the brain. One such chemical that has always been advocated by many health practitioners due to its mind blowing effects of this chemical.

It’s basically known to be a cholesterol dependent hormone which mainly serves as a precursor to many other hormones like oestrogen and progesterone. However, there are times when the level of such hormones starts depleting in the body.

One of the reasons why this happens is because of the inability of the adrenal glands to convert cholesterol into Pregnenolone.

Those who have complaints of synthesizing lower levels of this chemical are more likely to suffer with some other conditions like stress, fatigue, anxiety, joint pain, hair loss and more.

That’s why, it becomes quite necessary that your body produces adequate amount of pregnenolone. Today, the research says that lower production levels of this hormone can also be increased in many ways.

For example, there are so many natural ways to enhance the production of this hormone like taking proper diet and nutrition, adequate amount of sleep, lower stress and more.

If your body is still not able to meet the required demands of this hormone, then you may go ahead with its supplements as well. 

An easy way to maintain adequate levels of Pregnenolone  is by taking natural supplements that are rich in Vitamin B5, Vitamin K, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B3 


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