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Sleeping Upright: The Dangers of Sleeping While Sitting, Can It Be Fatal?

Sleeping Upright

Sleeping upright or sleeping while sitting upright is a quite common behavior in animals. But in human beings too, the above problem of sleeping upright is there that causes a lot of other related issues.

In general, you won’t find this behavioral pattern feasible but we do show such a body posture, especially at the time of travelling in planes or long car rides.

Well, this is also sometimes related to your muscle tone. It may also depend on the way you have a tendency to relax your body.

But there are certain medical problems associated while sitting upright. One of the issues is Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).


Is It Healthy to Sleep Sitting Upright?

Sleeping upright can’t be said to be a healthy practice while you relax. Please note that it is necessary to maintain a right body posture while you relax.

Otherwise, there are chances that you may develop a number of sleep related disorders.

It has also been seen in people that as long as they get bough sleep while sleeping upright, there are no issues whatsoever. Such people get enough sleep and are able to rest comfortably.

On the other hand, there are people are not able to sleep properly in such positions and slowly progress towards certain medical ailments like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, morbid obesity and more.

In normal circumstances, there are situations that arise when you are work. Imagine that you are working on your desktop for long hours and then suddenly asleep. In such a situation you get down and relax.

But this may affect you in a negative way after you start feeling back pain along with stiffness in your neck and shoulders.

Another thing worth noted is that once you find yourself in a seated position for several hours, it starts building pressure on your joints and may even stiff them up.

As we stated above, it may also raise your risk of developing a disease called deep-vein thrombosis.

Now, take a look at some of the dangers of sleeping upright and also find out if it can prove fatal.


Sleeping Upright May Lead to Stiff Joints & Back Ache

Today, time has changed and most of us have to work on computers. Those working on computers must have found themselves getting comfortable on chairs while working.

When you allow your body to go with such a posture, it’s fine. But it becomes problematic when you relax in this posture for long hours.

If you are motionless for long hours in such a posture, it may lead to body and back aches. It’s because immobility for long hours can lead to stiff joints and is basically associated with repercussions.

In order to make your body out of such a position, stretching has been found to be effective. It will help improve your overall body posture, flexibility and also prevent your joint stiffness.

While you lay down on bed to sleep, it will stretch your joints and limbs.

Likewise, sleeping while sitting may drastically impair your blood circulation; restrict movements that may further lead to more complications.


What’s Deep Vein Thrombosis?

You need to be vigilant about all that can happen when you choose a wrong way of sleeping posture.

People who develop a tendency of sleeping upright for long hours often suffer from deep vein thrombosis.

It happens when a blood clot, also known as thrombus starts forming in one or more deep veins, mostly legs.

And so, it can be a negative outcome of sleeping in an upright position while doing no movements.

Now, if such a situation develops and goes untreated for long, it may further lead to more complication. This may even prove fatal in some circumstances.

The biggest risk comes in the form of a blood clot that breaks off and travels to the lung or brain. It results in significant damage to your vital body organs and may prove fatal.

As per the data provided by The National Blood Clot Alliance (NBCA), over 200 people in India die from deep vein thrombosis.

Also, there is no age restriction of developing a blood clot as it may happen to a 25 year old guy or someone who’s 85 years of age.


Deep Vein Thrombosis Symptoms

Have a look at some of the main symptoms of deep vein thrombosis below:

  • Sudden ankle or foot pain
  • Reddened, warm skin, resulting from an inflammation
  • Swelling and soreness in calf muscles, ankle or foot


Are there any benefits to sleeping upright?

If you have no choice but have to sleep while sitting (due to work commitments or any other reason), it is always advisable to resort to a recliner.

But you should always try to avoid this position while sleeping as it leads to so many health complexities. However, it may be beneficial for pregnant women as they at times, find it difficult to sleep lying down.

Sleeping upright can also prove great for those suffering from sleep apnea. It’s a condition accompanied when a person’s breathing gets affected while sleeping.

This may also ease acid reflux and help those dealing with gastrointestinal issues to sleep more efficiently.


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