Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes to Benefit Ailing Patients

stem cell treatment for diabetes

Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes: The recent study has revealed that type 1 diabetes patients can really benefit using stem cell treatment approach.

During the course of their study, scientists noticed that stem cell treatment for diabetes has the potential to control the supply of sugar in type 1 diabetes patients.

In the clinical trial, they observed that several patients who received the above treatment had steep rise in the level of C-peptides, a substance made in the pancreas.

The amount of c-peptide released from pancreas is an indication if your body is producing enough insulin.

For example, if you have not eaten anything recently, your blood sample will show low volumes of C-peptide which is normal.

But when your body releases C-peptide in somewhat higher amounts, it indicates the person is suffering from diabetes type 1 mellitus.

After stem cell treatment for diabetes using C-peptide was given to patients, it looked quite effective as it managed to control blood sugar levels in them.

Using the above treatment approach, one day the patient is expected to eliminate the need to inject insulin from external sources.

This is what the research team has to say, “This research represents the first instance in multiple patients of clinically relevant increases in C-peptide, indicative of insulin production, with a stem cell-based therapy delivered in a device,” they said.

It happens in patients with type 1 diabetes that they gradually lose the ability to produce insulin in their blood.

Due to this, their blood sugar levels start rising abnormally high. And this is when they have to take extra shots of insulin from external sources.

The PEC-Direct device is created in this direction to basically provide a stable and long term resource of providing insulin to mainly regulate abnormally high glucose levels.

The above device actually made up of a pouch having stem-cell-derived pancreatic cells. These cells soon get matured into insulin-producing cells right after they are implanted into the body.


Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes

In the treatment, the device plays a crucial role, especially when it allows blood vessels to grow into the device for the control of cells. In the due course of time, patients are given some immunosuppressive drugs to prevent any immune rejection.

Right now, the above treatment is meant for type 1 diabetes patients who may often complain of having abnormally low blood sugar levels. They are also seen to have fluctuations in their blood sugar levels which can be risky at times.


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