5 Ways to Beat Early Morning Stress

It’s hard to wake up early in the morning and feels a bit lazy. The amount of sleep you get looks lesser and it feels to continue sleeping

Due to the early morning anxiety, you feel disoriented and groggy in the morning after your body recovers from sleep

Now, the question is how to how to get rid of anxiety in the morning hours. Take a look at the ways to manage morning stress

Fix Your Sleep Schedule You can manage this by removing any distraction during your sleep time like phone calls, TV, etc.

Wake Up Yourself with Water As per a study, taking cold showers helps beat early morning anxiety and can also make your mind alert

Stretch in Bed A study by University of Georgia showed that engaging in low intensity exercises helps overcome morning anxiety

Avoid Sugary Foods Avoid sugary foods in your breakfast until noon to help you get rid of morning stress. Go with a low carb diet

Coffee Intake Avoid taking too much caffeine as it makes you feel disoriented and jittery. This will help you fix morning anxiety

The best way to get rid of morning anxiety is to start light exercises in bed and follow other guidelines as suggested above