5 Habits That Can Lead to Penis Shrinkage

Men always want to make their penis larger in size

But at times, they find their penis size starts becoming shorter

It mainly happens due to a few habits that they incorporate in their lives

Work Out Per Cedars-Sinai research, men who work out can get rid of erectile dysfunction problem

Keep Your Teeth Clean Growth of bacteria in your gum can harm blood vessels in your penis

Eating unhealthy food Eating unhealthy or junk food regularly is likely to impact your penis size

Smoking   If you regularly smoke, it can also reduce the suize of your penis due to blockage

Fruits & veggies Fruits and veggies have antioxidants that help maintain a healthy penis size

If you want to have a better sexual health, you need to take care of the above

Taking healthy diet and regular exercise, you can get rid of all sexual problems including erectile dysfunction