Diabetes is a serious lifestyle related disorder that becomes chronic if not taken seriously. It's directly linked to your blood sugar levels.

If diabetes is not controlled in the beginning, it may take place of Type 2 diabetes which is a further step towards deteriorating your body health.

Diabetes Prevention By Controlling High Blood Sugar Levels Diabetes is a serious lifestyle related disorder that comes in your life when you neglect a proper and healthy lifestyle.

Skin Changes A person diagnosed with diabetes will associate with slower healing of wounds. It will also accompany with frequent bruises and cuts.

One of the common warning signals is the presence of having dry and itchy patches of skin that most people generally ignore. It may lead to ‘acanthosis nigricans’.

Vision Related Issues Those who are suffering from type 2 diabetes most commonly have symptoms like blurriness and hazy vision. It happens in cases of prolonged and untreated type 2 diabetes.

Frequent Gum Bleeding & Dry Mouth Your oral health and hygiene is directly linked to your blood sugar levels. Dry Mouth is also referred to as xerostomia, and accompanies diabetes.

Numbness, Tingling In Fingers & Feet Type-2 diabetes is also linked with some other symptoms like numbness or tingling in feet and fingers.

Visiting the Washroom Often If you are going through frequent urination problems, then these can also be the early signs of raising your blood sugar level.

Fatigue Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of type 2 diabetes which gets inside the body at the time of feeling tired or exhausted.

Irritability There are some issues that are also found to have associated with high blood sugar levels. These can be the occasional mood swings, at times worsening mental health or stress.

Unexpected Weight Loss A person suffering from high blood sugar levels generally makes it insulin resistant. At the same time, the person also has to face weight management issues.