5 Foods You Must Eat to Boost Your Vitamin D Levels This Winter

In this document, we will let you know about 5 vitamin D rich foods that are necessary to boost your vitamin D levels.

It’s because living in tropical countries like India, there are hundreds of people who report various problems due to the lack of vitamin D.

Most of the time, it’s seen that the major alarming factor is the lifestyle imbalance, the issue largely gets compounded in winters when you have reduced exposure of sunlight.

It is therefore becomes the need to select food items that can easily help boost your vitamin D levels in your body. Let’s take a look at some food items that can help boost your vitamin D levels.


Food items to boost Vitamin D levels

Now, take a look at some food items to help boost your Vitamin D levels in your body:


1) Scrambled eggs or egg frittata (any egg dish with yolks)

Please note that egg yolk happens to be the best source of Vitamin D. As it becomes difficult to have multiple choices of food at all time, it is better to have scrambled eggs.

As per a report published by the United States Department of Agriculture, one whole egg yolk contains up to 218 international units of Vitamin D.

And so, you can even toss some vegetables and sausages so as to make a yummy egg dish.


2) Orange juice 

Do you know that citrus fruit is a storehouse of Vitamin C? It also has far more benefits and gives you loads of vitamin D as well.

And so, you can easily prepare some tasty orange juice using dates, ginger, chia seeds and carrots.


3) Milk  

Like other sources, milk is one of the vitamin D rich foods. In case, you mix some turmeric in it, it becomes a great health diet. It can also help you to protect from infections and is also good for those suffering from lack of vitamin D issues.


4) Mushrooms

Mushrooms can become a best source of diet if you are following a vegan diet. It also gives you the additional benefit of Vitamin D as well.

Reports say that you get vitamin D when mushrooms are exposed to UV light. In winters, you can easily prepare a mushroom soup and add some other ingredients like coriander, cumin, broccoli, black peppercorns to make it tasty.


5) Smoothie with Spinach, Almonds

If you wish to boost your vitamin D levels in an ideal way, you can easily prepare a yummy almond-spinach smoothie. While preparing it, you can even add yogurt or milk.

It will also help to keep you warm in winters apart from various other vitamin D rich foods.


Vitamin D deficiency: Top Symptoms

Take a look at some of the major symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency:

    1. Fatigue


    1. Bone pain and muscle weakness


    1. Feeling of depression


    1. Inadequate or disturbed sleep


    1. Hair loss


    1. Loss of appetite


In any case, never forget to consult a medical expert if you are diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency. Also check if you actually need a medication.


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