Avian Flu Outbreak in the US Makes Experts Vigilant Over the Situation

avian flu outbreak

Avian Flu Outbreak: Currently, the situation in the US is that COVID-19 Omicron cases are on a decline. But at the same time, there is a danger of avian flu outbreak as the number of cases has risen in multiple states.

It was in the month of January when the United States had first confirmed the first case of avian flu right after a South Carolina duck was tested positive for the avian flu virus.

While digging more, experts were able to found a highly contagious form of avian influenza virus known to be pathogenic. The above strain was later found to be the H5N1 Eurasian strain. It was the same strain responsible to have caused the birds flu wave across Asia and Europe sometime back.

The current situation is that US bird flu cases continue to surge after the H5N1 strain paves its way across the country.

Regarding its transmission to humans, experts believe that H5N1 strain will be low at risk. But if the virus actually causes transmission in humans, it may cause severe symptoms.

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), wild birds are known to transmit flu to each other after they make direct contact to each other. Such birds won’t show any kind of illness among them even if they contract flu. However, bird flu can prove fatal to poultry.

As per the latest information in this regard, there are currently no human cases due to this avian flu in the US. But the situation indicates that it could still create an impact.


Avian Flu Outbreak across the States

In the recent past, the authorities found some signals of avian flu outbreak in the country, especially after the number of active cases evolved in some countries.

In addition to this, federal officials also identified such cases in states like New Hampshire, North Carolina, Florida and Delaware. It also emerged in some other states like Virginia and Kentucky.

Experts over the globe believe that bird flu is an infectious disease, especially among different bird population.

This is what one expert wrote, “Indiana borders Kentucky, so one might hypothesize that regional spread is possible, but this does not explain why in Virginia,” he said.


Potential Risks to Human Health

Although, it is quite hard that people could contract the avian flu in its current form, it can still cause a number of severe conditions after appearing.

This is what one health expert believes, “The risk to the general population is low at this time. However, since wild birds may travel, the risk may spread to other states,” he says.

As per the data given by CDC, there appeared as many as 700 human cases of H5N1 virus in the last several years. While experts say that human transmission is rare, it can still cause severe problems.


Safety Tips to Stay Away from the Risk of Avian Flu Outbreak

It has been found that avian flu virus is generally present in feathers, feces and mucous of birds. Human transmission to the avian flu virus is possible only when it gets transmitted to a person’s mouth, nose or eyes after contact with the bird.

Take a look at what experts have to say about the transmission of avian flu exposure.

  • Get yourself tested if you come in contact with infected birds
  • Cook poultry products thoroughly before cooking
  • Handle raw poultry hygienically
  • Avoid contact with surfaces contaminated with the feces of wild or domestic birds
  • Avoid contact with domestic birds that appear sick or dead
  • Avoid contact with wild birds (only observe them from a distance).

There are some other precautionary measures that you need to take regarding the avian flu outbreak.

Experts believe that you first need to wash your hands thoroughly before touching or eating your mouth, nose or eyes.

Also, don’t forget to wear mask while going to public so as to prevent transmission. Please stay at home to prevent transmission and to be safe.


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