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Covid-19 New Cases: India Records 3.68 Lakh New Cases With 2 Crore Infected People

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Covid-19 New Cases: Each day is bringing a new spike in the number of Covid-19 new cases. As the new variant double mutant coronavirus continues to infect people, more number of cases are pilling up on daily basis.

As per an update, the country has already registered as many as 3,417 Covid-19 new cases. Along with this, the overall infection tally has reached up to 20 million. Can you look at these figures? These figures say a lot.

There is a need to quickly do something otherwise, the situation may go beyond control. Yesterday, the Supreme Court (SC) asked the center to impose lockdown if necessary in states. It’s because for the last some days, the situation is going beyond control.

And therefore, this is the right time when the government has to think about imposing a complete lockdown in the country to save from the steep rise in the number of fresh Covid-19 new cases.


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For two days, we all witnessed a marginal decline in the coronavirus cases. In spite of that, the rate of new infections due to Covid-19 continued to be at alarming levels. Not only that, the reports are suggesting that the overall figures are widely underreported.

If you look at the cumulative case count of the country, then there doesn’t seem to be of any respite. The tally of such cases remains as high as 19,925,604. The above figure includes over 17% cases that have been confirmed Covid-19.

At the same time, the number of cases that are discharged from the hospital include 300,732. All the above patients were discharged from the hospital within the last 24 hours.

Taking all the above figures into consideration, we can take a look at the overall recovery rate which goes around 81.77% (as per the data collected by the government).

One of the biggest issues that are being witnessed is none other than the shortage of oxygen beds. It’s mainly because most hospitals that are treating covid-19 patients have exhausted beds that can be used by such patients.

The medical oxygen supply is also going down in most of the states. In short, there is a total chaos situation that needs to be worked out as soon as possible.


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