Home News How A Penis Pump Helps You In Erectile Dysfunction?

How A Penis Pump Helps You In Erectile Dysfunction?

How A Penis Pump Helps You In Erectile Dysfunction?

If you are new to the term ‘Penis Pump’, here is what we are going to help you with that.

The article will also look into other aspects like how you can use this device mainly to get rid of erectile dysfunction related issues.


What Is a Penis Pump?

A penis pump is basically a vacuum device mainly used to make your penis hard so that it can be used for penetrative sex.

The device can also be used for rectifying issues like erectile dysfunction (ED) which is when you get trouble in keeping an erection.

Penis pump can also be used for pleasure as it’s also known as penis enlarger.

If you look at a penis pump, it’s made up of a plastic tube that can fit over your penis. It also has a pump which is attached to the tube given along with a ring that can easily fit around the base of your penis to keep the level of erection.

Most of the time, doctors recommend a penis pump for those who face the problem of ED. If you wish to have one, you can easily find it in a sex store.


What Does A Penis Pump Do

A penis pump can help maintain an erection long enough so as to help you during sex. They are recommended to get rid of the problem of ED mainly because

  • They perform fairly well when used properly
  • Cost way less than other treatment options
  • They are noninvasive and can easily be used over injections

In addition to the above, people often use it to make their penis size larger. Some people who use it regularly may temporarily grow up to an inch both in girth and length. And so, people often think of getting a bigger dick while using the device


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What Are the Myths Related to Penis Pumps?

While using it, there are several misconceptions associated to it which you need to know:


They help your penis make larger permanently

Even if you use penis pump, its effect can only last for a period not more than 10 to 15 minutes. However, it may last longer if you try to use a rubber ring to maintain the erection. But keep in mind that they are not meant to make your penis larger in the long run.


Penis Pumps recommended only for those with ED

People who face issues due to ED are the ones who get the most benefit out of penis pumps. But there are others who primarily use it for fun. Still, there are people who enjoy the larger size the suction.


How to Use A Penis Pump?

Please note that penis pumps that are sold in the sex toys store are not actually regulated. It’s quite obvious that they can lead to an injury if not used properly.

It’s a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved medical device. In any case, you need to be cautious while using penis pump as you can be injured.

As per experts, if you use a penis pump too frequently, it may break the blood vessels in your penis which can further affect the tissue.

And so, they often suggest to use such a product that has a pressure gaugeĀ  so that you can better check the pressure and also keep it at safe levels at all time.


In order to safely use a penis pump, you need to take the below mentioned steps:


Apply lubrication

First, try to put some lubrication on the base of your penis so that it acts like a seal between the pump and the skin. There are some experts who suggest shaving pubic hair to help with the seal.


Put on the device

Please keep in mind that each such pump works differently. And so, you must follow the directions written on the package before using it.


Start pumping


There are 3 main types of pumping mechanisms used:

  • First, battery powered pumps are recommended
  • Hand trigger pumps can only give you a little assist
  • They have a pump that you can squeeze to create the effect of vacuum


Make sure that you go slowly with the pump. In most cases, it may take not more than 3 minutes to finish the process of pumping. You need to instantly release the pressure when it hurts.


Use a rubber ring

Simply, place a rubber ring on your penis base to help the effect of your pump last longer.



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