How Children’s Fitness May Be Impacted Due to Rising Global Temperature

rising global tempreature

As per a new study, lack of physical activity and rising global temperature can lead to your children’s health in the long run.

In the recent past, it has been witnessed that children are becoming more obese due to lack of physical activity along with taking an improper diet.

It was argued by Dr Shawnda Morrison, an environmental exercise physiologist, from Slovenia’s University of Ljubljana.

Does Rising Global Temperature Lead to Diabetes Risk?

The new study in this regard reveals that with every 1°C rise in temperature, it increases the chances to develop diabetes by 0.314 per 1,000.

Due to this, this may also put them at a greater risk of some heart related ailments as well. It includes heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat cramps, or dehydration.

While studying the effects of rising global temperature on the health of children, Dr Shawnda Morrison observed that current climate change policies almost fail to properly address the child health.

Rising Global Temperature May Put Children At Risk

The above study was published in the journal Temperature which showed how children’s health is associated with the rising temperature.

There is another concern which is lack of physical exercise or activity among children along with inadequate diet pattern combined with certain factors.

This is what she observed, “Yet, as the world warms, children are the least fit they have ever been. It is imperative that children are encouraged to do daily physical activity to build up, and maintain, their fitness, so that they enjoy moving their bodies and it doesn’t feel like ‘work’ or ‘a chore’ to them,” Morrison said.


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