Cancer Survivors Are Seen to Go Through A Common Problem

cancer survivors

As per a new study conducted on the four most prominent type of cancers, tinnitus and hearing issues have been commonly found in such patients.

You might be wondering what can be the impact of tinnitus and hearing loss on cancer survivors. Well, there can be many. But for a detailed analysis, find the below section.


Impact of Tinnitus & Hearing Loss In Cancer Survivors

As per researchers in this regard, high rates of tinnitus and hearing loss problems happen not just because of some platinum drugs but also due to some other type of chemotherapy drugs called taxanes.

Since these drugs are employed to treat some of the most common cancers, the above findings have huge implications for clinicians who are employed to treat most cancer patients, as well as for cancer survivors.

The above study took as many as 270 cancer survivors of over 60 years of age. They had completed cancer treatment around 5 years earlier.

The results indicated that over 50% people experienced major hearing loss that was even confirmed by the use of audiogram, a type of hearing device. Also more than 35% experienced the issue of tinnitus.

There are often some negative impacts found associated with tinnitus and hearing loss that can be in the for of mood and social interactions.

Those with severe hearing loss had to suffer their day to day hearing problems including like talking to their relatives or family members, watching TV, etc.

However, those having issues due to tinnitus stated that the above problem was associated with their ability to concentrate or relax. It also impacted their life enjoyment and mood along with sleep.

This is what the researchers have to say, “Though the type of hearing loss that occurs with platinum and taxane drugs is permanent, patients’ hearing can be improved with the use of a hearing aid,” Miaskowski said. “Only 17 percent of the survivors in our study were using a hearing aid, which suggests that clinicians need to refer survivors for a hearing test on a routine basis.” they said.


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