Study Finds Obese Men Improve Sperm Count After Shedding Pounds

obese men improve sperm count

Obese Men Improve Sperm Count: Hundreds of men have to constantly face the problem how to increase sperm count. Well, as per a new study conducted in this regard, it has been revealed that shedding some extra pounds really help in improving their sperm count.

The study was conducted on nearly 50 obese men who were looking to improve sperm counts in them.

After the study was conducted, it was found that those who were able to lose weight by following a consistent low calorie diet managed to improve their sperm counts by up to 40%.

But in this study, they were required to keep their weight off to reap the benefits. All the obese men kept a low calorie diet and within a period of 8 weeks, they were able to lose 36 pounds.

The most shocking part of this experiment was that both the weight loss and rise in sperm count were striking and rapid. It means after keeping themselves with a low calorie diet for a period of 8 weeks, they managed to grab some exciting results.


Study Finds Obese Men Improve Sperm Count After Shedding Pounds

The above study was conducted by Dr.Bobby Najari who’s a renowned Urologist and works at NYU Langone Health in New York City.

This is what he had to say after conducting the study, “I was impressed by the impact on sperm count in such a short time span,” he said.

In a statement further, he said that he’s not quite sure how many people would be able to get a high sperm count after undergoing the above. But in the study we clearly find that obese men improve sperm count after shedding extra pounds.

Well, this is not the only study conducted which talks about how obese men face the issue of having low sperm counts. In fact, there are many studies conducted earlier too. All of them simply link obesity to lower sperm quality.

And this includes some of the most common infertility issues like lower sperm counts along with sperm quality.

The new study conducted by Dr. Bobby recently published in a journal titled Human Reproduction which talks about how subsequent weight loss can become the reason of improved sperm counts.

The doctor in his statement suggested people with obesity need to analyze their detailed semen examination, especially if they are trying to produce a baby without success.


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