How Mewing Helps to Reshape Your Jawline? Does It Work?


What Is Mewing?

Mewing is basically a technique to restructure your jawline (facial restructure) which generally involves the placement of tongue. The above technique was first invented by Dr. Mike Mew, a renowned British orthodontist.

If you are really interested to go after this technique, you can find loads of related information on YouTube. Please note that in order to give a well aligned shape of your jawline, proper tongue alignment always comes forth.

The proper tongue alignment is suggested by most experts (orthodontists) which helps to define the jawline. It also helps to alleviate pain from jaw-related issues, correct your speech impediments and to rectify similar issues.

Today, due to its popularity, most people like to go ahead with mewing due to one reason or the other. But the technique itself has a lot of limitations and is not necessarily work exactly the way you find it on a YouTube video or any other website.

In case, you have no option left but to undergo mewing, it’s better to consult with an expert who will address all your concerns regarding your mouth and jaw. After you get your diagnosis, your doctor will be able to advice future course of action.


Does Mewing Work?

The basic idea about mewing is that you need to reposition your tongue according to the new jawline. Before you go ahead with that, your tongue needs to reposition into a new resting place.

Experts in the field say that your tongue position will gradually change your overall facial features which will mainly comprise your jawline.

People also believe that mewing can help them alleviate their jaw pain and also to get rid of the problem of snoring.

Please note that mewing will work efficiently where it makes your jawline somewhat more defined.

The technique was first popularized by Dr. Mew after he suggested to undergo some mewing exercises to change the shape of your jawline. But the exercises recommended by him are not created by any orthodontist.

Those who have analyzed the technique of mewing believe that it’s not exercises that actually change your face structure, but it’s mainly the lack of mewing that can help transform your jawline for the worse.

The technique can also possibly provide some more corrective techniques for children having tongue posture issues which generally result into speech issues or irregular bites, as it was discussed in a particular study.

Some experts in this regard believe that those who are in an urgent need of surgery might mistakenly try the process of mewing instead to sort out the issues on their own.


Don’t Trust Images Before & After Mewing

Most people who are interested to undergo the process of mewing on their own try to watch similar videos on YouTube.

Most of the time, it happens that such people are easily persuaded by these videos and start believing that mewing actually works.

If you are one of them, please note that such videos about mewing are not authorized and such sources are not always reliable.

You might have noticed many of these online tutorials suggest individuals to practice it for several weeks or months instead of required years. At the same time, most images can also be deceiving mainly because lighting and shadows.

It’s because the angle at which people are seen to position their heads can also make their jawline more defined. Due to all these issues, mewing needs more clinical research to prove its efficacy.


How to Mew?

Mewing is a technique where you need to flattening out your tongue against the palate (roof of the mouth).Once you do that, it will help realign your teeth and define your jawline over a period of time.

In order to undergo the process of mewing, you need to relax your tongue and make sure it actually lies entirely against the roof of your mouth which also includes the back of your tongue.

Well, it’s not so easy to perform and needs practice. But once you are able to realign your tongue, your muscles will remember how to actually place your tongue in the right mewing position. It’s therefore recommended that you always mew even drinking liquids.

Just like every other technique, there is a catch with mewing as well. You may have to wait for years to see the results. Medically, deformities related to maxillofacial are properly corrected with surgery.

And so, you shouldn’t assume that you can rectify such problems on yur own by mewing according to your suitability.

There is a study conducted to check the position of tongue. It was done to check if any of the muscle groups were engaged as a predictor of long-term memory.

The team of researchers later found that as many as 33 people in the study didn’t show any signs of an altered muscle activity.


Although, people want to reshape their jawline by undergoing the technique, there is no clinical evidence to support this.

And so, if you have any concerns in the jaw area, you need to see an expert before going for treatment options.

But you can still try mewing. But don’t expect quick results as it may take years to show the desire results.

Please note that until mewing is researched properly as a viable orthodontic solution, there is no guarantee that the technique will work.


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