How to Overcome Eating Disorders Using This New Technique?


Eating Disorders: A group of researchers have developed a new technique to overcome abrupt eating habits among people which has been growing with time.

In a new research regarding this, the scientists showed how a group of nerve cells in the hypothalamus area (AgRP, agouti-related peptide neurons) responsible to control the release of endogenous lysophospholipids.

These are further responsible to control the over stimulation of nerve cels in cerebral cortex region. Due to this, the person starts having more food intake.

The scientists spotted an enzyme autotaxin responsible to produce lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) in brain. This causes autotaxin inhibitors to reduce excessive food intake even after fasting in animals.

Obesity Like Eating Disorders Can Be Treated With This New Technique

The above research regarding AgRP neurons controlling the excessive food intake has been published in the journal Nature Metabolism.

Most common eating disorders lead to the disease called obesity which has been affecting the society globally. It further leads to a number of common disorders like diabetes, strokes or heart attacks.

The research led by Robert Nitsch mainly notices the above findings to be a crucial step towards the development of drug.

The study clearly shows that people who have somewhat disturbed synaptic LPA signaling pathway are keen to develop issues like obesity and type 2 diabetes.

If the above happens, it gives a strong indication of a therapeutic success of ATX inhibitors which they are developing presently in association with the Hans Knöll Institute in Jena for use in humans.

The above findings related to the control of neuronal networks affecting the eating behavior mainly through lysophospholipids suggest it to future signify not only treating obesity related disorders but also psychiatric and neurological illness as well.