World Arthritis Day 2022: Early Signs & Symptoms Not to Be Ignored

world arthritis day

World Arthritis Day is being observed today. It’s being observed mainly to create awareness among people who are suffering from arthritis and related conditions.



  • World Arthritis Day is observed on October 12
  • Arthritis is a condition that leads to painful joints
  • Morning stiffness happens to be the most common symptom

As you might be aware of, arthritis is a painful condition accompanied by pain in joints.

In general, it can target one or more joints. Once a person is geared up with arthritis, he won’t be able to undergo his da to day activities due to severe pain in his joints.

If arthritis is ignored for long, it can alter one’s movement and can even make the person difficult to sit up straight. The symptoms of arthritis generally get worsen with the age.

In order to create awareness among the masses, the world arthritis day is observed on October 12 every year.

This year’s theme for world arthritis day is ‘It’s in your hand, take action.’ It basically encourages the patient along with his family members to be aware and also to take necessary action to improve patient’s quality of life.

One of the ways to understand this condition is by knowing the early signs of arthritis.

Once people are aware of this, they can take action with time so that their ailment doesn’t spread with age.


World Arthritis Day 2022: Know Early Signs & Symptoms

As arthritis affects a person’s joints, there are some initial symptoms that should never be ignored.


Pain in Joints

Pain in joints is also known as arthralgia. And so, it is the first sign of arthritis.

In most cases, the pain is usually a dull ache which can be accompanied by a burning sensation. The pain increases substantially when the affected joints are used more often.


Tenderness & Swelling

After joints become painful due to arthritis, they often swell up. And this happens due to the excess amount of Synovial fluid in the joints of the arthritis patients.

Synovial fluid basically acts as a lubricant which helps in the movement of joints.


There are some arthritis patients who also complain of having redness in their affected joints.

Morning Stiffness

Morning stiffness in arthritis patients is one of the most common symptoms. The stiffness and pain generally increases in case of rain or the weather goes humid.

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