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Covid News: Omicron Drives Higher US Death Rate Than Delta Wave

As per the latest Covid news, the omicron variant of coronavirus has become the cause of higher death toll in the US as compared to the delta wave. In the presence of Omicron wave, the death rates continue to rise for days or even weeks.

According to a news published on Business Standard, Omicron variant is proving highly contagious as it is presently driving a higher American death toll as compared to the delta wave. With these figures, experts believe deaths will keep rising for more days or weeks.


Covid News: Omicron Drives Higher US Death Rate Than Delta Wave

The latest is that the third shot of coronavirus vaccine has managed to reduce the risk, especially to those who have comparatively weaker immune systems.

Now, there is no need for such people to get hospitalized with third shot of coronavirus vaccines already been given to them.

As per a new study in this regard, Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines were almost 88% effective against hospitalizations for immunocompromised people who have now received a third dose against the omicron variant as compared to those with only two doses given.

The above was confirmed by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on Thursday.

The C.D.C. has estimated the impact of additional doses of COVID-19 vaccines given to people as compared to those who have taken their normal dosages.

The governing body estimates that there are 7 million in the country who are experiencing a weaker immune system as they are already undergoing treatment of some chronic diseases like cancer.

These patients who have already got their immune system lower tend to produce only a fewer antibodies in response to a vaccination or an infection. And this is enough to leave them susceptible to the virus and also giving them risks of some serious illness.


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