Mystery Listeria Outbreak Traced to Florida

listeria outbreak florida

Listeria Outbreak Florida: As per the latest update, listeria outbreak has been traced to Florida as most of those sickened either live in or travelled to the state.

The investigation of the outbreak is currently underway by the CDC and other agencies.

It’s also being investigated to find the food sources responsible for a multistate outbreak of listeria infections involving mainly those who are either residents of Florida or have travelled to the state most recently.

The latest report suggests that as of June 29, as many as 23 cases of listeriosis have been found. It’s basically a bacterial infection caused after eating contaminated food and water.

So far, listeriosis cases have been found in 10 states which caused a total of 22 hospitalizations including one death.

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as many as 20 infections have been reported from people who are the residents of Florida. It was later found that some of them travelled to the state before getting sick with the infection.

As of now, the significance to the Florida connection is still being investigated thoroughly by the CDC. Some other US states involved in the listeria outbreak include Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Kansas, Illinois, Georgia, and Colorado.

Data says that sick people are aged between 1 to 92 with a median age of 72. According to the CDC, the first listeriosis illness was found in January 2021.

Currently, health officials are taking interviews of sick people to know what specific foods they ate before getting sick. This is being done to find the common foods sources causing the infection.

There have been reports saying some Vidalia onions are currently being given to states by A&M Farms.

They are being marketed under the brand Little Bear. On the other hand, CDC and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) don’t seem to have linked the onions to the outbreak investigation.


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