Scientists Give Diabetics New Hope to Restoring Insulin Production

restoring insulin production

Restoring Insulin Production in natural way is what needed to sort out technical issues of producing insulin naturally in diabetic patients. And this is what scientists have claimed to do so.

In the recent clinical test conducted by Australian scientists, they have demonstrated an entirely new way to produce insulin in pancreatic cells.

And this is achieved with the help of a drug already approved for use in humans. If it gets approved or shows positive result in the future, it can prove a ray of hope towards hundreds of ailing diabetics.

The above research was finally published in the journal named Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy.

Please note that a person’s blood glucose levels are strictly managed by the natural production of insulin. And when this natural process of insulin production gets disrupted, it produces various complications in the body.

Please note that natural production of insulin occurs in the pancreas.


Pancreatic Cells of Diabetics Exposed to the Drug GSK126

As per a new study from Monash University, researchers have devised a new way to restoring insulin production in the pancreatic cells.

The above experiment was conducted using pancreatic stem cells taken from the donors of type 1 diabetes. After that they activated them to express insulin by exposing them to a drug named GSK126.

Although, insulin is not being produced naturally by these pancreatic cells. But when these cells were exposed to this drug, it let them produce insulin.

The above experiment later help scientists to know that a single dose of this drug for a few days has the capacity to replace the need for regular insulin shots in diabetics.


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