One Exercise That Can Lower Your High Blood Pressure Instantly

high blood pressure

Are you suffering from high blood pressure? If yes, then you must be finding ways to lower down your high blood pressure. In this article, we are going to help you with one exercise that can lower down your high BP almost instantly. All you need is to go through the entire post.

High blood pressure is a common health problem not only in India bit globally. The above condition appears when blood flows making excessive pressure on artery walls. Please note that high blood pressure is not something good for health. One should learn to maintain a healthy blood pressure.

If you are unable to keep your high BP under control or don’t take any measure to reduce it, then you may have to go some serious complication including the risk of developing heart diseases.

In the beginning, high blood pressure goes unrecognizable and won’t be having any noticeable symptoms whatsoever. But if you left it untreated for a long period of time, it may become the reason for heart attack and strokes.


One Exercise to Lower High Blood Pressure Instantly

high bp

If you have prolonged episodes of high blood pressure, then you need to consult your doctor. Once you consult your doctor, he may prescribe you certain medications. In addition to this, you may also lower down your high BP by engaging in so many other things including healthy diet and regular exercise.

There is one exercise that can help you lower your blood pressure instantly. As per report, isometric handgrip strengtheners are known to lower your BP quite instantly.

All you need is to sit down and squeeze to reduce your systolic pressure. As per experts, if you are able to do this at least for 8 weeks, it may reduce your blood pressure by 8-10 mm/hg. But you first need to consult your doctor before going for this exercise.


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Risk Factors for Hypertension

There are some common risk factors associated with hypertension that you need to take care of.

These include the consumption of too much alcohol, excessive smoking and leading a sedentary lifestyle. Just like diabetes, high blood pressure is also known as silent killer which has affected millions of people across the globe.

The thing that looks alarming is the fact that it is no longer a condition that affects elders as it has started developing in youngsters as well. It’s mainly happening due to the sedentary lifestyle along with wrong diets.


Hypertension Categories

Hypertension is basically categorized into two parts. One is known as primary hypertension and the other is known as secondary hypertension.

Take the case of primary hypertension which is essentially a condition caused by some non specific genetic or lifestyle factors. This type of hypertension amounts to 90-95% people.

Some of the external factors that trigger this type of hypertension include smoking, drinking, excessive intake of salt, body weight and more.

The secondary high BP accounts for the rest of the 10% population. This type of hypertension is caused by some identifiable factors like use of birth control, kidney disease, endocrine disorder and more.


Five Ways to Prevent Hypertension

The dilemma is that most people who are suffering from hypertension are unaware about it. Here are some simple tips using which you can prevent hypertension:


Regular Checkup

It’s advised that you go through a regular checkup of your high blood pressure so as to get the diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.


Salt Intake

Lower sown the intake of salt to lower your increased blood pressure levels. The best way to lower down your salt intake is not to add extra salt in your food.

In addition to his, you can also make use of some herbs and spices to to lower the amount of salt intake in your food.


Body Weight

Maintain a healthy body weight as it is the most important criteria to maintain a healthy blood pressure. In order to maintain a healthy body weight, it is recommended that you go for regular exercise.

Doing this will not only maintain your body weight but also lower down your cholesterol (bad cholesterol) levels.


Stay Active

Try to keep yourself active. It’s because working out regularly tends to reduce the risk of hypertension and keeps your heart healthy. You may try including at least 30 minute workout in your daily routine.


Avoid Processed & Oily Food

Avoid including fatty foods, lack of physical activity, smoking and processed foods as these foods can increase the risk of high blood pressure.


Tip to Reduce Your High BP

You may try using ginger to your diet. Ginger is a super food loaded with nutrients.

It includes blood circulation and controls your blood pressure by relaxing your muscles. You can make use of ginger in your tea, curry, soups and other drinks that you have with your food.


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