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Over Half of U.S. Abortions Now Done With Abortion Pills

Over Half of U.S. Abortions Now Done With Abortion Pills

Abortion Pills: During pandemic, we all witnessed a huge increase in telemedicine that resulted an easy access for doctors to prescribe a drug. The COVID-19 crisis saw over half of US abortions being done with a combination of oral abortion pills instead of surgery.


As per the latest health news, the overall percentage of abortions in the US rose from about 44% in 2019 to 54% in 2020.

As per the report submitted by Guttmacher researcher, there can be several factors responsible to see a surge in the number of abortion cases in the US.

One main reason was the rise in telemedicine due to which FDA had to allow the use of oral abortion pills that were mailed to people instead of their personalized visits. This change looed evident from the last December.

As per the report, millions of women can now easily get a prescription from their doctors instead of visiting them in person.

The report says that the FDA originally approved the abortion pill mifepristone in 2000 which has been in the use since then.

This has also led a change in the mindset of patients who now seek to use these abortion pills instead of going with surgical procedures.

It was earlier advocated that mailing abortion pills was banned in 3 states like Texas, Arkansas and Arizona.

The rest 32 states required the above medications to be prescribed by physicians even though other medicines can be prescribed by health care providers other than regular physicians.


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