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Tips to Prevent Heart Attack: Are You Taking Care of Your Heart?

Tips to Prevent Heart Attack: Are You Taking Care of Your Heart?

Today, most people are aware how to avert heart attack. In spite of this, some of them don’t care. And this is where they get prone to meet with conditions like heart attack.

Some of the reasons why people get heart attacks is because of smoking habits. Other factors include weight gain, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

If you look at the previous data, it clearly shows lesser incidences of heart attacks. For example, in 1960s, an average American consumed up to 45% calories from oil and fat.

After they came to know that such a diet can lead affect their hearts as it increases cholesterol, people started cutting their fat intake up to 33%.

Although, the above helped a bit, studies show that you can really get a boost in your health is by consuming a low-fat diet.

It happens such that when people start cutting back on fat, they tend to reduce all fat in their diet.

This reduction of fat mainly includes healthy monounsaturated fat like canola oil and olive oil. The fats in these oils improve your ratio of the LDLs bad cholesterol to your good cholesterol HDL.

And this becomes a crucial factor to reduce the risk of a heart ailment. So, it’s crucial to cut back your saturated fat. And so, make sure that you consume only polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats.

Foods that are found rich in the above fats include sesame seeds, pumpkin, pecans, almonds, avocado and more.

Please note that you can get most of your polyunsaturated fats from foods like soybean, sunflower and other oils. Also, foods that are rich in polyunsaturated fats include flaxseed, fish and walnuts.


What to Avoid?

In order to be safe, you need to avoid taking a diet rich in Trans fats. Such type of fats includes foods like baked goods, crackers, and cookies.

Please also note that Trans fats are used to deep fry fast food. As per a research conducted in this regard, it has been estimated that for every 2% calories consumed in the form of trans fat, the risk of heart disease enhances by up to 23%.



Do you know that hypertension happens to be the core reason of developing a sudden risk of a heart ailment?

Studies in this regard have shown that those having severe hypertension are generally unable to achieve proper control of their blood pressure levels.

Although, high blood pressure can be managed with drugs, there are some undesired side effects associated with it. These side effects generally include dizziness, fatigue or even instances of fainting.

Due to the above, some people tend to skip doses or completely stop their medication due to these side effects.


4 Signs of a Silent Heart Attack

There are some signs or signals that you should never ignore. These include chest pain, Pressure, Fullness, or Discomfort. 

There are instances when the pain due to a sudden heart attack becomes intense which often makes them easy to recognize and get help. Take a look at the following:

  • Nausea and cold sweats.
  • Difficulty breathing and dizziness
  • Discomfort in other areas of your body
  • Chest Pain, Pressure, Fullness, or Discomfort


Please note that almost 80% of all strokes and heart attacks are preventable.


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