What Are the Harmful Effects of Thirdhand Smoke?

There can be lots of problems associated with thirdhand smoke that take the shape of toxic chemicals found in indoors where cigarettes have been smoked.

Before going forward, please take a look at what Thirdhand Smoke is all about.

What is Thirdhand Smoke?

Thirdhand Smoke is basically the residual nicotine along with some other toxic material that contaminate the indoor environment after smoking.

You can think in this way. You might have observed some type of lingering smell at the time of handling cloths of a person who smokes too often.

As per the new study conducted in this regard, all such chemicals lingering in indoor spaces where smoking has been done simply put the entire household at risk.

The above study was published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology. Take a look below to find the risks associated due to such kind of smoke.


Thirdhand Smoke Risks

The researchers at Berkeley Lab have previously found that nicotine released at the time of vaping and smoking is swiftly absorbed to the indoor spaces.

The smoke can well interact with a compound present in indoor air known as nitrous acid (HONO). After interacting, it finally makes a compound called tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs). These compounds are carcinogenic in nature.

“The above findings simply brief the health impacts of such kind of smoke, that contains not only TSNAs but a variety of other compounds, some of which are also known carcinogens,” said co-author Neal Benowitz, a UCSF professor who leads the Consortium.


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