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Consuming More Fruits Reduces the Risk of Depression, Study

Consuming More Fruits Reduces the Risk of Depression, Study

A recent study shows how consuming fruits reduces depression. The detailed study led by the researchers revealed that fruits improve your mental health and overall well-being.

A study was published in the journal named British Journal of Nutrition. It says that the more fruits you consume, it lowers down your risk of depression levels.

The research was carried out among 428 adults and analyzed the overall relationship between consuming vegetables, fruits, sweet and savory snacks and mental health.

It was found that the frequency of fruits intake was responsible for the overall well being and mental state. The study also analyzed some other results according to which those who are in a habit of taking more salty snacks like chips are likely to have issues like increased anxiety levels.

The study not only included the intake of salty foods like chips but also healthy foods like fruits and vegetables to analyze hoe they affect human health.


Consuming More Fruits Reduces Depression Levels

The researchers also took into account their lifestyle and demographic factors like age, general health and exercise and showed how these factors affect their mental state.

This is what Marcela Garcez, director and professor of the Brazilian Association of Nutrition (ABRAN) has to say, “Whole fruits are usually good sources of fiber and should be included daily in a balanced, varied, and as natural food plan as possible,” he said.

The study concluded that more frequent fruit consumption will lower down the depression levels along with higher mental health of adults.

On the other hand, those who consumed more salty foods like chips and less nutrient rich foods lead to daily mental lapses which included somewhat greater mental lapses that are also known as subjective cognitive failure and reporting poor health.


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