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COVID-19 Cases In Chile Multiply, Hitting Record Highs

COVID-19 Cases In Chile: Chile has become the country to have surpassed a record number of COVID-19 cases that are presently going uncontrollable.

The confirmed COVID-19 cases in Chile continue to become a problem due to the cases have multiplied in recent weeks. In terms of figures, the country has registered a new record of 24,037 infections in the last 24 hours on Thursday.

As per the data received, the new COVID-19 cases seem to have jumped up to 299% in the past two weeks in the country.


COVID-19 Cases In Chile Multiply, Hitting Record Highs

The Health Ministry has so far received 47 causalities in the last 24 hours, bringing the overall new infections tally to 2,045,874 infections. The death toll has now gone past to 39,594.

The above causalities as well as new infections in the country have been happening due to the Omicron variant of coronavirus which is known to have been most contagious among all other known variants. The above cases have caused a huge decline in the tourism season in the Southern Hemisphere.

As per the data received, Chile recorded up to 10,000 new COVID-19 infections per day during the winters of 2021.

But the ministry continue to stress that this new wave has not led to an increase in critical hospitalizations.

Talking about the number of active cases in Chile, it reached a daily height of 76,778 cases.

In addition to the above data, the positivity rate of COVID-19 cases has rose to 18.82 percent nationwide and 19.06 percent in the Santiago Metropolitan Region in the past day, according to official figures.

As per experts, the infections could reach 40,000 per day in the time to come. They continue to urge people to get fully vaccinated with two booster doses.

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