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COVID-19 Crisis: US Finally Hits the Target of 70% Vaccination Amid Delta Variant Surge

COVID-19 Crisis: The US finally achieved the target set by the President Joe Biden to vaccinate at least 70% of Americans with a COVID-19 shot. Although the target was finally achieved, it was a bit late, especially in the fierce surge of delta variant.

The current situation in the country looks quite alarming as the new variant constantly making it mandatory for people to follow new mask rules and mandatory vaccination.

Reacting to the Covid-19 crisis, Louisiana has ordered all citizens to wear masks even if they have been vaccinated in the past. It’s really going to be useful at places where large gathering take place including schools and colleges.

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The same is being followed by other states and cities to reinstate all the precautions so as to handle the upcoming crisis with immediate measures. As per an update, it’s being said that the new variant is more dangerous and spreads faster than the earlier one.

Take a look at what the CEO of Baptist Hospital Miami, Dr. Sergio Segarra stated, “As quickly as we can discharge them they’re coming in and they’re coming in very sick. We started seeing entire families come down,” he said.

As per the Florida medical center, there is an increase up to 14% in the last 2 weeks in the overall number of patients currently hospitalized with the symptoms of the virus.

It was on July 4, 2021 when Biden had first set the target to vaccinate 70% Americans with the first shot of COVID-19 vaccine.

But now, when the delta variant looks like storming back, it seems the initial target set last month was a bit low. It was all done to develop the herd immunity among people but now it looks the early estimates were not enough to match with the present situation.

And perhaps due to this, there was no celebration held at the White House on Monday. Also, nobody discussed about setting a new target. It’s evident that the administration itself struggles with its promise to arrange surplus vaccine doses, especially in some conservative and rural areas.

As per the alarming figures due to Covid-19 crisis, the country clearly lags behind its original goal to vaccinate 165 million Americans adults by the end of July 4. The above figures are short by 8.5 million.

The data which is pouring in looks quite alarming. The new cases in the US have increased almost 6 times over the last month as compared to almost 80,000. The above surge was not felt since February. The causalities have also climbed up the ladder from 259 to 360.

Although, the number of causalities still fall below 3,400 mark which can’t be compared with the present situation, there are still some places that have witnessed the highest surge since the start of the pandemic.

It has been revealed that all serious illnesses and causalities are currently happening in unvaccinated people.

Looking at the alarming figures and data, senior health officials in San Francisco and some other Bay Area counties strictly announced to reinstate that everyone has to wear masks (either vaccinated or not) in public places.

Andrew Cuomo who represents New York government ordered that workers from New York airport and other transit workers will now have to go through a weekly testing or have to be vaccinated.

In the same way, Denver’s mayor also took some measures where he stated that the NY city urgently requires various municipal employees like firefighters and police officers to get vaccinated. He advocated the same for workers at schools, colleges, jails, nursing homes and at other places.

Minnesota government has made it mandatory for the citizens to wear masks all the time, irrespective of their vaccination status. New Jersey also announced it to be a mandatory practice to wear masks all the time and get them vaccinated or face regular testing.

Likewise, the governor of North Carolina ordered its state employees to cover up their indoors if they are still not vaccinated.

The present situation is that the vaccination status in a few Southern states is quite lower as compared to the areas of New England. For example, Vermont has inoculated up to 78% of people whereas Alabama has cracked up to 43%.

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