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Monkeypox In Seattle/King County Area: What You Should Know?

Monkeypox In Seattle/King County Area: What You Should Know?

Monkeypox In Seattle: Do you know the first confirmed case of monkeypox was discovered in King County. And so, it brings a number of obvious queries along.

First, you should know about the symptoms of infected people with monkeypox in the king country. Let’s take you through some of the well known symptoms of the infection due to monkeypox.

It’s a rare illness due to a virus and is quite uncommon in the United States. It first starts with a certain kind of flu like illness and makes to swell lymph nodes. The concerned person may also develop rashes in areas like genitals or groin area.


Monkeypox In Seattle/King County Area: What You Should Know?

There are times when these rashes are showed near private parts without any other viable symptom. The known cases of rashes in infected people can also go without symptoms as well. It’s therefore sometimes mistaken to be a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

The above rashes can also have fluid-filled bumps, simple bumps or sores. In case, you have a rash, you need to immediately see your doctor.

The recovery phase in such an infection generally takes between 2-4 weeks. However, the infection can pose serious risk to some category of people like pregnant women, children and immunocompromised people.

Most officials from King County have to say that although, the virus doesn’t spread in people easily, still it can be possible.

Please note that monkeypox can be transmitted through body fluids or monkeypox sores. If fluids like saliva is entering through the mouth or eyes due to prolonged face to face contact can become a risk factor.

As per some health experts in Seattle, known cases of monkeypox have been found in countries like Central and West Africa mainly through rodents or small mammals.

And the virus enters in humans through bites or scratches from these animals. It can also happen after coming in contact with infected animals.

In order to be safe, experts believe that you need to avoid taking animal products that are infected or not fresh.

So far, it’s learnt that the CDC has confirmed only one case of monkeypox in the country along with 4 other presumptive ones.

You need to see a doctor, especially if you have travelled to places like central or west Africa or some parts of Europe where confirmed cases have been found.

You also need to see a doctor if you come in contact with any infected case or even presumptive case.

In addition to the above, men who come with an intimate contact with other men through apps, online web portals, parties, bars need to contact a doctor as well.


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