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Monkeypox Patient Who Earlier Fled Back Is In Isolation

A monkeypox patient who was admitted to the May Pen Hospital in Clarendon on Saturday fled away.

But now, the latest reports say that he’s back in isolation. The local news authorities have confirmed that he’s being picked up from home.

As per the statement released from the top health officials, the patient presented to the public health system on July 5. He had arrived in Jamaica only 5 days earlier from the UK. He was placed in an isolation facility.

But to everybody’s surprise, he left through a bathroom window through the medical facility and fled away in a car waiting for him on Saturday. The incident happened exactly on midday on Saturday.

After this incident, the health ministry had appealed to the members of the public to know the whereabouts of the concerned patient. At present, all efforts have made fruitful and the patient is held in isolation until the highly contagious monkeypox virus clears up.

Those who don’t know the symptoms of monkeypox need to first gather information about the viral disease. One who have been infected with monkeypox virus will show symptoms like rash on skin, lack of energy, muscle ache, back pain, swollen lymph nodes, intense headache, and fever.

Since monkeypox is a highly contagious disease, people should be aware of their safety. And so, they are recommended not to go in mass gathering or use contaminated articles.

It has been found that monkeypox spreads through person to person contact. Once your skin gets contacted with the skin of an infected person, rashes will take the shape of monkeypox skin lesions or scabs.

In the same way, try to stay away from the clothing of infected person including coughing or sneezing.

Health experts believe that monkeypox virus enters humans through different places like broken skin, respiratory tract, mucous membrane (mouth, eyes, nose). The incubation period of monkeypox is generally between 5-21 days.

Those who get the symptoms like muscle aches and/or rash, intense headache, and fever need to immediately isolate themselves and call to a medical health care provider.

As a precaution, all members of public need to wear a mask. They also require to wash hands and maintain physical distance, as part of controlling and preventing the infection, health ministry said.


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