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Scientists Discover A New Component to Suppress Lung Inflammation

Researchers have lately discovered a new component that can suppress severe lung inflammation incidences.

As per the above development in research, new medicines needed for COVID-19 and severe influenza may shortly appear in the market.

However, these compounds have not been found to suppress immunity unlike analogues. The result of the above study is published in the journal Pharmaceuticals.

If the above component discovered by scientists plays a vital role, it may be implicated in the form of medicines or drugs to combat viral diseases especially COVID-19 and influenza.

In order to create the compound, scientists used azoloazine heterocycles that are known to inhibit the activity of interleukin-6.

Please note that interleukin-6 are a group of molecules which play a crucial role in the immune response. But if the production of interleukin-6 comes out to be in the excess, it can lead to tissue destruction, uncontrolled inflammation, and in some cases threatens the lives of patients.


What Is Lung Inflammation?

“In general, the direction of our research is more fundamental, but we can create an applied product based on this knowledge. Thanks to our initial fundamental research, a number of medicines have already entered the pharmaceutical market,” says Konstantin Savateev, a researcher at the Laboratory of Organic Synthesis of UrFU.

The specialists have already confirmed the therapeutic effect of heterocycles.

It all happened after they underwent some experiments on animals and also carried out some extensive histological studies of their lungs.

At present, a compound called dexamethasone is being used in drugs. It’s known to depress the immune system which in some cases become the main reason for an undesirable side effect.

Also, the new compound has been shown to produce some anti-inflammatory effects but don’t suppress the immunity.














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