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Study Says Potato Protein Can Be As Good As Animal Protein

Potato Protein: You often consume potato, but do you know how the protein found in potato can be beneficial? Is it just a normal protein or something good for us? Can we rely on it for our muscle protein synthesis? Well, potato protein is something that can be compared to animal protein.

The new study conducted reveals how plant protein can be equally good and efficient to make your muscle strong.

Earlier, there was a belief that only animal protein can help boost your muscle growth. But with this new research, it looks clear that plant protein can be equally good to remain fit and healthy.

Most fitness experts believe that animal protein is superior to plant protein when it comes to body building (muscle growth) mainly because of superior amino acid profile.

If you look at plant based protein, you might probably find them deficient in one or more essential amino acids needed for your muscle growth.

But as per the new and random study conducted recently in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, it clearly suggests that plant based proteins can still have the power to induce strong anabolic responses.


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Potato Protein Impact on Muscle Protein Synthesis

As per the researchers of Maastricht University, The Netherlands, if you consume 30 gm of potato derived protein right after exercising, it is bound to enhance your muscle protein synthesis to such a level which can be comparable to a milk protein concentrate.

This is what the joint professor of physiology and nutrition at Maastricht University Medical Centre has to say, “The anabolic response to exercise depends on the exercise stimulus and the postprandial increases in circulating amino acids,” he said.

He further reacted, “In general, plant-derived proteins are considered to have lesser anabolic properties, due to their lower digestibility and incomplete amino acid profile.

Our results show that ingestion of 30 gm potato-derived protein will support muscle growth and repair at rest and during recovery from exercise.” he said.

The findings derived from the above research shows that you can use potato derived concentrate powder to greatly enhance protein synthesis of your muscles in great ways. It can be used either you are at rest or after doing your exercise.

After the experiment was conducted, researchers analyzed the potato based protein and found that potato acid profile has actually no deficiencies as such.

It was further shown that a mere 30gm of potato protein is required to strongly stimulate the protein synthesis of your muscles during recovery after exercising.


Study Design, Strengths, & Limitations

In the above study, researchers chose 24 young adult males of ages between 20-28 years. The findings can be listed below:

  • First, all the participants were asked to undergo a resistant exercise on a specially designed knee seated extension machine.
  • They were made to rest for at least 10 minutes right after their exercise session. This is the time when researchers took their blood samples along with muscle biopsy.
  • As many as 12 participants were made to ingest 30 grams of potato protein right after the biopsies were conducted, while others were made to ingest milk derived protein (equal amounts).
  • Blood samples of all the participants were conducted again (in a 5 hour window) mainly to analyze their insulin, amino acids and glucose concentration levels.
  • Now, 2nd and 3rd muscle biopsies were taken mainly to analyze the rates of muscle protein synthesis rates and at the time of their recovery from exercise.

The above research was supported by the renowned Alliance for Potato Research and Education (APRE).


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