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What’s the Link Between Lung Cancer & Air Pollution?

When we have to discuss about Lung Cancer, there are various possible causes of the disease. As we already know that the most probable reason for Lung cancer is the exposure from asbestos, there are some certain others reasons that are also contribute the disease.

In this post we are going to discuss some other well known causes that are known to become the cause of this serious medical ailment.

As per an international team led by Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore), lung cancer has direct link with increased air pollution. Most cases of lung adenocarcinoma (LADC) worldwide are known due to this.

When the same study was conducted to other set of people who consume tobacco worldwide, it was found to have linked with lung cancer in lesser proportion.

Please note that Lung adenocarcinoma is a type of cancer which is mainly caused due to certain factors that can be related to your lifestyle, environment and genetic imbalance. On the other hand lung squamous cell carcinoma is generally linked to a history of smoking.

What’s the Link Between Lung Cancer & Air Pollution?

When we have to find risk factors that are directly linked to contribute diseases like lung cancer, we need to look upon the study that tend to study a variety of factors.

There are so many global statistics that show the known trends of developing lung cancer. But in terms of understanding how these factors contribute the disease is still unknown.

Recently another study was conducted to find a relevance between them. Now, as per the NTU-led study, it has significantly advocated between the incidence of cancer to tobacco consumption and air pollution.

This is what the study has concluded, “In our study, we were able to determine that the global increase of lung adenocarcinoma is likely associated with air pollution. It has always been unclear, in the past decades, why we are seeing more females and more non-smokers developing lung cancer worldwide. Our study points to the importance of environmental factors in the causation of specific types of lung cancer,” Professor Joseph Sung (NTU’s senior vice president) said.

The study looked upon the general causes of decreasing instances of smoking to the higher incidences of lung adenocarcinoma. As the cases of lung adenocarcinoma are on the rise, the findings indicate the urgency to reduce air pollution and also air pollutant emission black carbon.

Now, there is also a link between various lung cancer type and black carbon as it varies between different genders across various continents. For example, there is a link that advocates between the pollutant and the incidence of LSCC and LADC was found to be stronger in females as compared to males.

The rising levels of LADC have been found to be quite prominent in the Asia region. It’s mainly due to the continuous emission of black carbon and sulfate.

Fossil fuels have long been used to generate power for decades. At the same time, it’s also linked to have become the source of particulate air pollution in most urban settings.

It also has the power to worsen the climate change by enhancing the emission of carbon dioxide, that causes global warming.

The above finding is a notice in advance to show how air pollution needs to be under control to protect the lives of human beings from lung cancer or related diseases. Most of the time, it has been found that people who largely affect reside near urban areas.

This is what the experts say, “Air pollution, together with climate change, is one of the greatest environmental threats to human health. Our findings underscore the urgent need for further research into how pollutants such as black carbon and sulfate lead to the development of lung adenocarcinoma, and for international leaders and experts to look into mitigation strategies for air pollution.”

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