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COVID-19 Linked With Worse Mental Health & Lower Life Satisfaction

As per a research conducted under a Lancet study, the symptoms of COVID-19 was linked with worse mental health and lower life satisfaction.

The researchers represent a team of scientists from University College London and King’s College London came to know that symptoms like lower life satisfaction, anxiety, depression, and psychological distress were linked with Covid-19.

It was also found that the association between poorer mental health and COVID-19 never over time after infection.


COVID-19 Linked With Worse Mental Health & Lower Life Satisfaction

It led to highlight the main enduring impacts of the disease and also the very need for a longer follow-up process from healthcare providers.

“This study brings together many of the UK’s longitudinal studies to provide a comprehensive overview of the impacts of COVID-19 infection on population mental health,” said senior study author and professor Praveetha Patalay from University College London, also an Osmania University graduate from Hyderabad.

According to the above study, the infection of COVID-19 is likely to impact mental health in most older age group people. For example, some people complained of self-reported infection who were in the bracket of 50 years or older.

It was then analyzed that older people are more likely to experience somewhat severe COVID-19 symptoms along with an increased risk of brain (neurological) changes or blood vessel (microvascular) changes.

This is what Dr Ellen Thompson from King’s College London has to say, “These findings suggest that there were prolonged mental health consequences of Covid-19 infection for some people at the beginning of this pandemic,” he said.


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