Dengue Cases On The Rise, Here’s What You Should Do

Dengue Cases On The Rise: These days, dengue cases have emerged not in Asian region but also elsewhere. It’s a major threat after COVID-19 pandemic.

These cases have been found specifically at this time of the year. The only thing that has become a cause of worry is the increasing number of dengue cases.

This time, such cases are emerging at a faster rate unlike every year where it was not exclusively widespread.

As per the data collected from the research center, the main cause of dengue cases is due to favourable conditions for mosquito breeding.

For example, in Delhi, there were 9,613 dengue cases last year, which is the most since 2015, along with 23 fatalities, which is the most since 2016.

In order to eradicate dengue cases completely, it is crucial to know how it is recognized and identified early.

It’s because the first symptom occurring right after the mosquito bite may appear between 4 and 10 days later.

Some of the most common dengue infection symptoms include easy skin bruising, nausea, high-grade fever (up to 104 °F), joint aches, headache, retro-orbital (behind the eyes), face flushing, skin rash, chills.

There is another form of dengue called dengue hemorrhagic fever. The common symptoms include bleeding from the gums and gastrointestinal system.

Please note that there is currently no single dose of medication that can be given to such patients who are diagnosed with dengue.

In order to treat dengue to some extent, some sort of maintenance therapies is given in the form of antipyretics and oral rehydration. It’s given to reduce the fever.

Most of the time, a patient has to be admitted to a hospital for better treatment options.

On the other hand, those who are elderly happen to be in the group of danger as they can get hemorrhagic fever.

The hospital stay of the affected patient also depends on the patient’s age along with his co-morbid illnesses. It means the higher the age group of a patient; longer will be the stay in hospital.

In Delhi, as many as 300 dengue cases have been reported so far. In September, as many as 696 cases were recorded. These are some horrifying numbers and authorities need to take stricter action to handle the menace.


Preventive Measures of Dengue & Other Mosquito Borne Diseases

Prevention is always better than cure. It also applies in cases of dengue. Take a look at some tips that you should note down:

  • Remove stagnant water in and around your house as it can be the safe haven for mosquito breeding
  • Always wear full sleeve clothing. Also wear pants with socks
  • Close your windows and make your door screens impenetrable
  • Try to use a mosquito net as you will get 2 layers of protection from mosquito bites
  • Try using mosquito repellents as they can effectively prevent mosquito bites, especially in tropical locations with dense populations and crowds

All the above listed precautions can readily help you lower the risk of developing mosquito-borne diseases.


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