Home News Covid News Covid “May Never Go Away”, Will Likely Trigger New Waves: Scientists

Covid “May Never Go Away”, Will Likely Trigger New Waves: Scientists

Covid “May Never Go Away”, Will Likely Trigger New Waves: Scientists

There are many who believe Covid will go away after some time. May be, its taking longer but one day the health menace will go away. But scientists believe that it is something which will never go away and continue to trigger new waves of infection in the time to come.



Ever since the world has witnessed s a few variants of COVID, experts are sending out warning signals to people. They say that people should never expect that this pandemic is going to go away easily. They have to say that people should not expect that Omicron was the last variant of this pandemic and no more variants will now come.

At present when no new COVID variant is there, most people have started to believe that the era of pandemic has come to an end. If you look in India, people have resumed work, educational institutions have been reopened and so on.

Although, it seems that Omicron has gone by now, the variant was wildly infectious. It’s due to the Omicron variant that the tally of new COVID-19 cases were going unstoppable. At this time, there are so many evidences that state that the above variant may not be as innocuous as early data suggest.

The unpredicted thing about Covid variant is that you never know when it will happen. And once a mutation happens, it gives birth to a new variant. And so, people need to remain vigilant at all times. After all it all matters regarding the safety of people than anything else.

Akiko Iwasaki, professor of epidemiology at Yale School of Medicine says, “The virus keeps raising that bar for us every few months.”. She added, “When we were celebrating the amazing effectiveness of booster shots against the delta variant, the bar was already being raised by omicron.” she said.

“It seems like we are constantly trying to catch up with the virus,” she said.

Even when you can see the presence of new coronavirus variants are devastating the world, scientists across the globe are working hard to study more about this virus and also the ways to control it in the best possible ways.

But at no point of time, they should believe that pandemic is over and there will be no more strains coming our way in the time to come.

They also agree to the fact that it is too early to assume anything unless there are concrete evidences that prove no other variant will come.


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