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Stem Cell Research Helps Reveal the Genetic Roadmap of Glaucoma

For many years, scientists were expecting a breakthrough to exactly find the genetic roadmap of Glaucoma.

In a recently conducted experiment where they actually compared retinal ganglion’s stem cells with Glaucoma to those who didn’t have the disease.

According to the finding, researchers were able to uncover as many as 300 novel genetic features of such cells.

The experiment was conducted by Professor Alex Hewitt hailing from Centre for Eye Research Australia, University of Melbourne and University of Tasmania, along with others including Professor Joseph Powell (Garvan Institute of Medical Research), Ms. Anne Senabouth and more.


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Stem Cell Research Helps Reveal the Genetic Roadmap of Glaucoma

According to professor Hewitt, the above research will surely give a better understanding of the occurrence of the damage of retinal ganglion cells that are responsible to know the genetic roadmap of glaucoma.

Please note that retinal ganglion cells are responsible for transmitting visual information directly from your eyes to brain.

It happens via the optic nerve. But in glaucoma, these nerve cells are damaged that slowly leads to an irreversible and progressive loss of vision.

Professor Hewitt further stated that glaucoma is mainly an inherited condition. He said that his team compared the diseased retinal ganglion cells with normal retinal cells which is necessary to understand the onset of glaucoma.


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