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A Breeding Kink Really Needs to Be Considered A Kink Or Human Nature?

Breeding Kink: Before analyzing what a breeding kink is actually, one needs to consider about human’s desire to reproduce.

In general sense, it’s human nature to reproduce so that they can make women pregnant and produce children. But the actual act of doing sex with someone indicates to having sexual pleasure.

You can analyze it in this way. When most people tend to have sex with their partners, they never consider or think specifically about that they are actually in the process of breeding.

Even if you consider some dirty talks about people, you won’t find them talking about breeding or reproducing.

Well, if an act involves sexual pleasure doesn’t really mean that it can’t be a kink. A breeding kink or a fetish can be defined as something which can’t be sexualized in normal cases. It can also be something to make it really sexual.


What Is A Breeding Kink?

A breeding kink is something which is not sexualized in general sense. But the act can also be inherently sexual which can be simply more crucial aspect to arousal for the individual who attains it.


What Is a Breeding Kink Or Breeding Fetish?

As we just mentioned above, a breeding kink or breeding fetish happens to be the strong attraction to the idea of getting someone pregnant. The above kink or fetish generally involves someone with a penis ejaculating his semen into someone having a uterus.

Now, all such people with a breeding fetish mostly enjoy the risky consequences after undergoing a sexual act. At the same time, there can also be a feeling of power change where one partner is in the process of “submitting” to the other one.

This is the reason why it can be more about fantasy and role play. And the partners who get involved into this act generally prefers to use any type of contraceptive.

In spite of the above, many people think that it actually involves the exchange of body fluids due to which partners are sometimes at a risk of getting STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases) in addition to an unwanted pregnancy.

Difference Between Breeding Kink & Pregnancy Kink?

A pregnancy kink or fetish happens to be an attraction to pregnant people and this might include an appreciation to check how bodies tend to change at the time of pregnancy. Whereas a breeding kink is basically focused on the very act of impregnation

Safety Advice

While fantasizing about breeding kink or breeding fetish, most people engage in masturbating which is quite safe way for one’s own enjoyment.

Also, when a breeding fetish with a partner, it can also be safe. But when the above act is more like a role play, then breeding fetish often comes with some risks.

There are people who tend to engage in breeding kink generally get excited about the idea of becoming pregnant, but not what comes afterwards.

So, try yo use a protection unless you really want to conceive and are able to care for the child.



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