COVID Induced Disruptions May Lead to the Return of Measles

In the last couple of years, we witnessed how COVID-19 paved way to several other diseases that were otherwise preventable like measles.

All that happened is due to the influence of some superbugs like coronavirus.

A superbug is basically a microorganism which doesn’t give many solutions when it comes to the treatment part.

And so, it is often found resistant to multiple classes of antifungals, antivirals, or antibiotics.


COVID Induced Disruptions May Lead to the Return of Measles

Superbugs are really dangerous as they leave no treatment options for doctors. It happens because such infections are quite difficult to treat which we all witnessed at the time f COVID-19 pandemic.

Another superbug which recently attacked was that of Monkeypox. Although, it recently attacked humans, it was always there existing in animals.

The core reason why there has been such a surge in the transmission of these viruses in humans is mainly due to several factors like declining immune systems, forest destruction, and migration of population.

Some other factors related to this include climate change effects and unhealthy eating patterns.

In the recent past, we also witnessed how most antibiotics have failed to pose their effects for which they are designed.

In other words, they have lost their resistance to ease infections. With the improvement in medical sciences there is an increase in the geriatric population.

Most of the time, we have seen that the elderly population is quite vulnerable as they have weaker defense systems. And this has led to the resurgence of vaccine preventable diseases like measles.

All the above factors listed are there to stimulate microorganisms to not only mutate but also make them more evasive, transmissible, and virulent.


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