Early Breast Cancer Can Now Be Detected Using A Simple Blood Test

As per a new scientific breakthrough, occurrence of early breast cancer can now be detected using a simple blood test. It was established after the same was performed in young women.

It’s called Trucheck test that has the capacity to identify the presence of early breast cancer by detecting cancer cells circulating in the blood.

The above test has about 5% more accuracy as compared to mammography. After looking at the results shown by the above test, one researcher called it a game changer.

The best part of this test is that it can viably detect the it among young women which is not possible even by employing scans.

Kefah Mokbel who’s a specialized breast cancer surgeon Professor said a “paradigm shift” has been noticed in breast cancer screening.

This is what he further said, “Potentially, this test is a game-changer. It could transform breast cancer screening.” he said.


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Another medical oncologist Dr Tim Crook who hails from the London Clinic private hospital is currently offering this test to patients.

He’s so confident saying Trucheck Test has all the potential to replace the procedure of mammograms in the future.

This is what Dr Crook has to say, “We have a massive problem with late diagnosis of cancer in this country and it’s been difficult to think of ways to ameliorate that.” he concluded.

The test sees a nurse drawing up to 5 ml of blood to find the presence of cancerous ‘circulating tumour cells’ (CTCs).

In order to prove the proficiency of the above test, as many as 9,700 blood samples of healthy women were detected. The sample also included samples of another 548 women with breast cancer.

At this time, Trucheck Test was able to identify the presence of early stage breast cancer in this case study.

As per the latest update, up to 1,000 people lose their lives due to breast cancer every month in the UK.

The disease generally affects older women and not the younger ones. The data says it affects nearly 11,500 women and 80 men each year.


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Source: Thesun.com

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