Intranasal COVID Vaccine by Bharat Biotech Tested Safe In Trials

Intranasal COVID vaccine prepared by Baharat Biotech is reported to have been tested safe in clinical trials. The newly developed vaccine is not only safe but also immunogenic and well-tolerated.

Bharat Biotech is basically a Hyderabad based organization that came forward to develop the vaccine for phase 3 trials along with booster doses for BBV154 (intranasal vaccine).

Please know that BBV154 has been found stable for both distribution and storage. The company has established huge manufacturing capabilities in different vibrant states of India.

This is what the director of Bharat Biotech has to say, “On this Independence Day, we are proud to announce successful completion of clinical trials for BBV154 intranasal vaccine. We stay committed and focused on innovation and product development; this is yet another achievement for the multidisciplinary teams at Bharat Biotech,” said Suchitra K. Ella

Now, if this Intranasal COVID Vaccine gets approved, it will help achieving the required immunity levels among the masses. It will also help in fulfilling the mass immunization campaigns.

Intranasal COVID Vaccine

In order to test the Intranasal COVID Vaccine prepared by the Bharat Biotech, 2 separate trials were conducted. It was basically done to evaluate BBV154 as a primary dose along with a booster dose.

The booster dose is only for those who have received previous two doses of usually administered COVID vaccines in India.

The vaccine was developed in the association with partnership with Washington University St Louis. It’s believed to have designed and developed the recombinant adenoviral vectored doses for efficacy.

The intranasal Covid vaccine is developed by looking it to be cost effective in both middle and low income countries.

The vaccine will produce local antibodies in the lower respiratory tract of a person which will drastically reduce both the transmission and infection.


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