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Swine Flu Cases Alert Health Authorities After Odisha Reports Slight Surge

Swine Flu Cases: The number of Swine Flu cases have been rising. Although, the number of cases are not on a steep rise, adequate measures are expected from health authorities.

We have seen pandemic in the recent past and now a rise in Swine Flu cases may become a panic among people.

It all happened after Odisha reported as many as two Swine Flu cases in Odisha and the numbers have been rising since then. Before Odisha, Madhya Pradesh is another state in India which reported such cases.

Health experts believe that there is no Swine Flu outbreak as such but proper treatment facilities need to be provided to people. Out of two people who were tested positive for H1N1 virus, one is a 38 year old man and another is a 28 year old woman.

Both of them are being treated in a hospital. It’s been 2 years since H1N1 virus cases are being detected in the state.

As per the latest Health News, two cases were confirmed after their blood samples were tested positive for H1N1 virus. Although, both of them are out of danger, government officials claim that they are equipped well to handle the situation.


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Swine Flu Cases In Kerala

Things first started to take an ugly turn when a 12 year old girl from Kozhikode (Kerala) lost her life due to swine flu on Sunday. After she was taken to a hospital on Thursday, her blood report confirmed that she was infected with the swine flu virus.

As per the latest reports in this regard, her twin sister is reported to have been receiving treatment for the H1N1 virus. As the state has been receiving minimal number of swine flu cases for the last two years, the health authorities in the state have been put on high alert.

Swine Flu Cases In Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is another state in India that reported 3 swine flu cases. All the infected patients are being treated in a hospital.

As per the health official of the concerned hospital, two patients were admitted to the hospital on Wednesday after they were found infected with theH1N1 virus. The condition of both the patients are stable.

Reports also suggest that Mizoram government may soon declare a disaster state after the death of 37,000 pigs. Due to the swine flu outbreak in the state, health officials have been kept on a high alert.


Health Authorities In Odisha On Alert After Swine Flu Outbreak

The Odisha government has stated that they are quite well prepared to handle the menace of swine flu. The state had already witnessed a pandemic due to H1N1 virus between 2009 to 2010. The problem is that swine flu virus is currently circulating as a seasonal virus across these states.

If you look at the data, over 800 people have been infected with swine flu in the recent years. The state has also witnessed as many as 110 causalities as well.

It was in the year 2017 when the outbreak due to H1N1 virus was at peak that made 400 people sick along with over 50 deaths.


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