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What Is Sebaceous Hyperplasia Treatment Options?

What Is Sebaceous Hyperplasia Treatment Options?
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Sebaceous Hyperplasia Treatment: Sebaceous hyperplasia is basically a skin condition which is known to get ugly and abrupt as the age advances.

It becomes visible when sebaceous oil glands start producing oil more than required. The excess oil often gets trapped under the skin and becomes the reason of skin bumps.

Now, there are many ways to rectify it as there are several ways available for Sebaceous Hyperplasia treatment.


What Is Sebaceous Hyperplasia?

Some of you might not be aware of this condition. But those who are suffering from it are aware of it. In general, Sebaceous Hyperplasia relates to a skin condition which is caused due to clogged hair follicles.

Well, there can be so many reasons why the above condition occurs. There are cases when a person has too many hair follicles that get trapped when their oil (sebaceous) glands produce excess oil.

And when your oil glands start producing oil in excess which your skin doesn’t require, you start getting the condition.

Most of the time, Sebaceous Hyperplasia is found most commonly on skin. However, it can be found anywhere on the skin.

As you see, there are various treatment options available for sebaceous hyperplasia, the condition nowhere poses health risk. Still, it looks quite ugly when you have all those skin bumps on your face. And one definably likes to get rid of them.

It has been shown that sebaceous hyperplasia spots generally vary in size. Most commonly they are 2-5 centimeter in diameter and can be yellow in color. There are some cases where these spots remain there for too long. In such cases, they may have a similar too as to basal cell carcinoma.

In case, you experience these spots remain for too long and if they bother you in any way, you need to see a dermatologist.

Now, you might be looking for all the viable Sebaceous Hyperplasia Treatment Options. Take a look below to find them:


Sebaceous Hyperplasia Treatment Options

In cases of sebaceous hyperplasia, all depends on the patient. Like if your doctor has told you that the spots you have are really Sebaceous Hyperplasia, then you may go for their removal. Otherwise, it’s not actually necessary.

In case, you want them to be removed, there are several ways to get rid of them including some home remedies. It’s because if you tend to remove them surgically, you may be left with scars on your skin.


Retinol (Vitamin A)

Here you might be interested to know how retinol can help you get rid of sebaceous hyperplasia. Well, you can really go for creams rich in Vitamin A as retinol can prevent your pores to get clogged with too much oil produced by your oil glands.

You can always try going with such a treatment after having a word with your dermatologist. It’s because if the over and counter procedures don’t work, you can go ahead with this.

It’s found that prescription grade creams are rich in retinol and are found to be more effective to treat stubborn cases. In any case, you need to be patients as it may take several months to see desired result.


Warm Compress

You may also try a warm compress to open your skin pores that are already clogged with excessive oil.

Although, this treatment won’t completely resolve the issue but it would definitely make the bumps smaller in size.


Photodynamic Therapy

If you see a dermatologist for sebaceous hyperplasia treatment, he can suggest the above therapy to get rid of them. Here the doctor will apply a solution on the surface of your skin.

You may be required to sit with your doctor for one or a few hours as the solution will apply on the sensitive areas of your skin like face. In the same way, other areas may also get the same treatment.

Once the solution is applied on your skin, the doctor will most probably use a special light to remove these spots.



It’s another treatment option to get rid of your skin bumps. Here he doctor uses an electrically charged needle so as to heat and vaporize each bump individually. And you will develop a kind of scab after the treatment is over.

But as soon as the scab falls off, the spot is likely to shed away. In some cases, the patient may develop a faint scar from the treatment.


Laser Therapy

The doctor also uses laser therapy which can also be a great option for sebaceous hyperplasia treatment.

Here laser is given on the top layer of your skin. With this procedure, your upper layer of skin gets removed.

It allows your sebum glands to release their oil and make the skin clear. This treatment is also counted among the best.



Here, doctor uses a special solution to freeze your skin bumps. As doctor will work on the spots raised, it will later dry and fall off after applying the solution. However, patient can have some sort of discoloration after undergoing this treatment.


Are There Any Risks of Sebaceous Hyperplasia Treatment?

These days, when you go for a treatment of any sort of medical ailment, it poses certain risks.

Also, it’s crucial to know all the pros and cons of the treatment you get from your doctor. Some of the potential risks of undergoing sebaceous hyperplasia treatment include:



There is always a risk of getting an infection after undergoing the surgical procedure that involves cutting and burning of skin.

Although, doctors always use sterilized tools, still one may receive infection as bacteria may enter the wound site right after the surgical procedure is done. The infection can come in the following way:

  • Occurrence of mild fever
  • Pain around the spot
  • Oozing of a liquid or pus
  • Wound starts smelling
  • Swelling, redness or inflammation of wound
  • In case, you find any of the above symptoms after the surgical procedure, you need to consult with your doctor.
  • It’s because infection can be easily treated if reported early. Otherwise, it might pose a more significant scarring if it’s not addressed timely.



Like all the above instances, scarring can also be there after a patient undergoes the surgical procedure for sebaceous hyperplasia treatment.

If you are bothered by the appearance of those spots, just leave them alone. It’s because they will shed away with time. But scarring because of the treatment remains permanent.


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