The UK’s Group A Streptococcus (GAS) Child Deaths & Causes of “Tripledemic”

As per the latest health news, as many as 19 children in the UK have lost their lives due to Strep A, which is also known as Group A Streptococcus (GAS).

Infection due to GAS gives out the symptom of mild sore throat (‘strep throat’). After a person gets infected with the bacteria, it causes cellulitis or impetigo (a type of skin infection).

The majority of Group A Streptococcus cases in the UK were reported between the early February and April.

There are a total of 7,750 cases of scarlet fever caused mainly by the infection due to Strep A bacteria.

The doctors in the UK have now warned that this number might surge in the future.


The UK’s Group A Streptococcus Child Deaths & Causes of “Tripledemic”

The bacteria, at times proves dangerous, especially when it enters the bloodstream and finally cases invasive group A strep. According to the data published in UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) on December 2, 2022, at least 2-3 invasive cases are reported per 100,000 children who are aged between 1-4 years.

Although, the deaths of these children have occurred, the only thing that pinches is that it was treatable and shouldn’t have caused it.

Health officials used the term “tripledemic” earlier in the year which referred to respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), COVID-19, and influenza was quite common. It’s use has fortunately lowered down just in time.

For example, the positivity rate of RSV between December 5-11 was recorded 7.7%. It was well over 20% in children aged under 5.


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