COVID-19 Vaccines: ICMR Study Finds It Safe & Effective to Mix Covaxin & Covishield Vaccines

COVID-19 Vaccines: In this post, we are going to update you with the long time confusion regarding COVID vaccine. The question which is asked frequently about how effective it is to mix both covaxin and covishield will be discussed in this post.

There has been a debate from hundreds of people across India about how safe is to mix COVID-19 vaccines like Covaxin and Covishield. The answer to the above is now clear after ICMR finds it effective and safe.


Can Mixing COVID-19 Vaccines Be the Solution to Waning Immunity?

Today, India is inching close towards achieving the milestone of immunizing one Billion people against the coronavirus. Amid such an achievement, there has been a discussion among people about the effectiveness of mixing COVID-19 vaccines like Covaxin and Covishield.

If you look at the overall scenario today, you will come to know that different countries have started giving booster doses to their citizens, especially for those who are at risk. In the past, there have been so many researches on this subject already. In the next section, we try to find this out.


What Have the Studies Found?

As per the clinical study done by ICMR in this regard, it decided to undergo an evaluation of mixing both Covaxin and Covishield to find its effectiveness. The conducting body also tried to make an evaluation about the overall immune response of misusing both these vaccines.

In order to prove the effectiveness and immune response of mixing covaxin and covishield, diverse profiles were selected and dosed with a mixed shot. Both these vaccines happen to be the main or primary COVID-19 vaccines in India.

Also, both these vaccines are prepared by looking at the traditional vaccine making technology platforms. For example, Covaxin has been approved quite recently for the pediatric use (in kids aged between 2-18 years).

The research says that the vaccine is quite effective in boosting immunity level once administered. And mixing covaxin and covishield vaccines is as safe as it was earlier assumed.


Mixing of COVID-19 Vaccines Safe?

Sources revealed that ICMR-led study was initiated right after some group of people in UP received some accidental dosages of mixed COVID-19 vaccines like Covaxin and Covishield together. They were said to have been doing fine without any side effects.

One thing which came out in such cases where people received the mixed doses of cavaxin and covishield, they started getting far more artificial antibodies against the coronavirus. At the same time, it was being safe and effective.

The study shows that Covaxin and Covishield is known to have mounted over 70% efficiency against virulent strains.

It has been found to have become less effective with time. Also, the antibody response was found to be waning in cases of covaxin.

In the same way, Covishield was also surrounded by controversies according to which the vaccine is prone to make adverse side effects like neurological damage and blood clots once administered.

Looking at the global studies conducted in this regard, it has established beyond doubt in some countries (UK and Canada) where people are getting administered with a mix of mRNA vaccine A+ inactive viral vector virus.

After administering the mix of COVID-19 vaccines like covaxin and covishield together, side effects can vary from person to person. But overall, the mixing of these two vaccines can be a great strategy to scale up the immune response of people.

There are some cases where it was found to have mounted lifetime immunity along with kicking memory-B and T-cells into work.


Is There Any Kind of Restrictions?

Although, ICMR study was conducted in 18 people to study the core effectiveness of mixing covaxin and covishield, the evidence is quite limited.

And this is the reason why the researchers have been asked to be conducted for multilevel randomized clinical trials to confirm the above findings.


Mixing COVID-19 Vaccines Doses Provide More Efficient Response Than Booster Vaccination?

In the current scenario of waning immunity, the issue of mixing vaccines and booster doses has become the subject of a lot of confusion.

There are experts who believe that mixing both covaxin and covishield doses is going to be more effective as compared to booster vaccination.

There are some concerns regarding the booster doses. These concerns mainly indicate the production of extra production of vaccines and may not be available to every needed person.

Considering the same, there is not much information available regarding the booster vaccination policies in India.

On the contrary, there has been only a fewer studies available on the safety of booster vaccination’s effectiveness and safety.


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