Depression Still Remains A Neglected Global Health Crisis: Study

As per a study conducted by Lancet and World Psychiatric Association Commission on depression, the world is not able to handle the growing menace of depression found among young adults. Due to this, we are going towards a global crisis of depression.

The study revealed that over 5% adults suffer the problem of depression annually. In spite of these numbers, depression continues to become a neglected global health crisis.

Some of the factors directly affecting the condition of depression among young adults include lack of psychosocial and financial resources.

All the above factors are dependent and directly impact on the treatment, diagnosis, prevention and the economic prosperity of nations.

Most of the cases of depression that are found among people are not even detected. They are diagnosed once it becomes too late. Such incidences are more common in developing countries.

However, in developed nations where per capita income is greater, over half of people who are suffering from depression fall into this category. The figures rise up to 80-90% in low- and middle-income countries.


Depression Remains A Neglected Global Health Crisis

The presence of COVID-19 pandemic has also created some additional challenges along with some other conditions like uncertainties, isolation, bereavement and hardship. And so, there is a need to help more people and test them for their mental health.

This is what the co-author Charles Reynolds submitted his final report, “We know that most individuals with depression at all stages of life will recover if they obtain adequate support and treatment. With sound science, political will, and shared responsibility, depression can be prevented and treated and potentially disabling consequences avoided. We must empower people with experience of depression together with families, practitioners, policymakers and civil society to address the tsunami of unmet needs.” he added.


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