Doctor Predicts Big Spike In COVID-19 Cases

Spike In COVID-19 Cases: As per the latest update, doctors have stated that there is going to be a big spike in COVID-19 cases in some of the states of the US like Ohio.

Right now, the trends are behaving unusual and the number of COVID-19 cases are piling up along with the rate of their hospitalization.

On the other hand health experts say that it doesn’t mean that we are in the clear.

They say that coronavirus is still there and it looks like it’s slowly and steadily heading towards a big spike in the number of cases.


Doctor Predicts Big Spike In COVID-19 Cases

Until now, the virus has been contained mainly because of the wider level of vaccination done across the country. They are simply not notifying health officials of positive results.

The big spike in COVID-19 cases is likely to be there if the number of daily cases along with the hospitalization are going high.

In order to contain the COVID-19 virus, Kent State University on Monday called out a mandatory mask mandate after looking at the increased number of such cases.

Akron-area COVID Hospitalizations Up

The recent spike in COVID-19 cases in the given region has increased many fold in the last several weeks. But the toll still remains below the level of record numbers.

For example, there were as many as 25 patients treated at Cleveland Clinic Akron General that were at 14 on May 4.

The numbers grew to 20 last week. In the same way, Akron Children’s Hospital is known to have reported no COVID-19 patients on Monday (May 23, 2022). There were 3 such cases on May 4.

If you look at the all time record, you will come to know that as many as 399 patients are being treated in the country from January 6, 2022.


New Wave of COVID Cases In Ohio

Looking at the present spike in COVID-19 cases, doctors have estimated that a new wave can arise in Ohio soon. They predict hospitalizations in areas like statewide and Greater Akron.

But he also predicts that it won’t take a bad shape as it last happened in the month of January. But the Omicron variant which is making people sick is going resilient against antibodies from previous infections or vaccinations.

Dumford concluded that people who are already vaccinated are expected to fare better and will avoid visiting hospitals due to this.


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